Amazing performance of Huayi 35KV power cable accessories in the explosion accident of power cable

Date:2015-07-15 17:20

In July 2014, due to serious over voltage and over current, the 35KV power cable in Nanbu county exploded about 70 meters long. The steel armor was broken, the copper shield layer was exploded and insulation layer and outer sheath were burnt. The flame had to be put out by firemen. From the field photos, we can see the explosion holes and exploded shield layer in the cable. The power cable exploded about 70 meters long, however, the power cable accessories (straight joint) right connected to the exploded cables were perfectly in good shape without any damages. This straight joint was made by Chengdu Huayi, it showed astonishing high quality performance.


The power supply company said the power cable accessories sometimes exploded in their county. Since March, 2010 they replaced all the old 35kv power cable accessories to Huayi power cable accessories, after that there was no accident happened until this power cable explosion accident. However this time it’s the power cable exploded instead of accessories, it’s unbelievable. Huayi power cable accessories showed high reliability and high stability performance.






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